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Rammed earth is the process of building with sub soils (not top soils or 'mud') and compacting them into a formwork of some kind, until they are as solid as stone. It is a process that is very similar to what happens in nature with a type of rock known as sedimentary stone. As with naturally occurring sedimentary rocks, rammed earth can be beautifully colored using iron oxides and can also be imprinted with designs like the fossils found in the field.



Rammed earth has been used since the earliest days of building and has been called mankind's first building technique.  There are many places in the earth where you can visit ancient rammed earth structures including China, India, Spain and parts of Africa and more modern rammed earth can be seen almost everywhere including British Columbia, California and Australia.  Here are some of the reasons why Rammed Earth has been making a comeback:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Earth Wall and  Joe Dahmen are working research of Rammed Wall building


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